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Fliegl Rondomat

The Rondomat consists of a leak-proof stainless steel container with a plastic floor (optional) to protect the environment from the entry of polluted water. Due to its low height, it is easy to fill with all the commonly-used loaders.

The heart of the feed system is the internal extractor blade, which rotates slowly around its own axis, in the form of opposing swords. Its special shape allows a high extraction rate with minimal effort.

The cylindrical shape of the Rondomat and the large diameter of the extractor blade prevent bridging.

The Double Rondomat is based on two circular tanks with the proven Rondomat feed system, each holding 10 m³. With a square/funnel-shaped attachment, the "Double Rondomat" can be expanded to a total of 40 m³.

  • 100% leak proof for seepage fluid
  • Suitable for all types of biogas plants
  • Available from 10 m³ (Rondomat) to 40 m3 (Double Rondomat)

Rondomat and Biomat - suitable for every biogas plant

Rondomat-Produkt 5
Fliegl Rondomat

The Fliegl Rondomat, with both bottom and top loading, is an innovative, energy-saving feed system for feeding bacteria.

Specifically designed for smaller biogas plants, it represents a relatively small burden on the construction budget of a biogas plant in the long term.

It can even be used to equip larger biogas plants. Here, it supports the fermentation process in the secondary fermenter through targeted loading.

The heart of the Rondomat is the internal extractor blade, which rotates slowly around its own axis, in the form of opposing curved swords. The special shape of the extractor blade and the torque, which is adapted to suit the substrate being added, prevents bridging.

Even large quantities of solid manure are thoroughly mixed. This means that the fermenters are safely loaded.

The Rondomat system includes a liquid-tight, extremely low-maintenance and durable stainless steel container which protects the environment from the entry of polluted water. Suitable for all types of biogas plants, the Rondomat can introduce the substrate either from below, from the side or from the top of the fermenter. Due to the special design of the feed screw with its large diameter, the substrate is transported energy efficiently, without blockages and thus safely.

With automatic control, either over time or optionally via its own weighing system, the fermenter is fed as much substrate as the bacteria need for optimum energy production.

The "Biomat system" combines the Rondomat with the PolyPro or Steelpro biogas push-off container. The stainless steel Rondomat container has a semicircular opening connected to the push-off container. The rotating Rondomat extractor blade ensures a highly energy-efficient, blockage-free and secure input. In trials, the combination of the PolyPro biogas push-off container and the Rondomat excelled with the lowest energy consumption.

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